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Python Training

Fees in INR: 9,500/-
Fees in $: 133.04/-

Learn the basics of Python programming, and take the first step on your journey to becoming an Python Programmer.

Expectations and Goals

This Python training course is a complete course that will help you to clearly understand the programming language. In this Python programming training you will be exposed to both the basic and advanced concepts of Python .

Course Syllabus


Python: Getting Started

  • Course Overview
  • Introduction
  • Types, Statements, and Other Goodies
  • Functions, Files, Yield, and Lambda
  • Object Oriented Programming – Classes and Why Do We Need Them?
  • Putting It All Together
  • Python Tips and Tricks

Python Fundamentals

  • Introduction to the Python Fundamentals Course
  • Getting Starting With Python
  • Strings and Collections
  • Modularity
  • Objects
  • Collections
  • Handling exceptions
  • Iterables
  • Classes
  • Files and Resource Management
  • Shipping Working and Maintainable Code


Python – Beyond the Basics

  • Prerequisites
  • Organizing Larger Programs
  • Beyond Basic Functions
  • Closures and Decorators
  • Properties and Class Methods
  • Strings and Representations
  • Numeric and Scalar Types
  • Iterables and Iteration
  • Inheritance and Subtype Polymorphism
  • Implementing Collections
  • Exceptions and Errors
  • Defining Context Manager
  • Introspection

The Python Developer’s Toolkit

  • Introduction
  • Managing Python Packages
  • Isolated Development Environments With Virtualenv.
  • Checking Your Code Quality With Pylint
  • The Python Debugger
  • Documenting Your Code With Sphinx
  • Packaging and Distributing Your Project

Unit Testing with Python

  • Unit Testing with Python – Basic Example Using unittest
  • Why and When Should You Write Unit Tests?
  • Using Pytest for Unit Testing in Python
  • Testable Documentation with Doctest
  • Test Doubles: Mocks, Fakes and Stubs
  • Documenting Your Code With Sphinx
  • Test Coverage and Parameterized Tests


Full Stack Web Development with Python (WEB2PY)

  • Introduction
  • Build & Deploy Our First Web Page
  • Full Stack Web Development Python WEB2PY
  • Database Administration
  • Filtering, Sorting, Updating Records
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Relational Database Concepts
  • Miscellaneous Topics
  • Sample App

Introduction to the Flask Microframework

  • Course Overview
  • Getting Started
  • IBasic Templates and Views
  • Forms and View Logic
  • Persistence
  • Users and Authentication
  • Managing Bookmarks
  • When Your App Grows

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