Core Java

Core Java

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Introduction to OOP &Java Properties

Difference Procedural & Object Oriented, OPP features, Brief History of Java , Properties of JAVA, Define JRE,JVM Architecture, JDK, Java naming conventions

Java Programming Basics

Overview of Coding basics, Setting up the required environment, Knowing the available IDEs, Writing a Basic-level Java Program, Define Package, What are Java Comments?, Understanding the concept of Reserved Words, Introduction to Java Statements, What are Blocks in Java, Explain a Class, Different Methods

Knowing Java Tokens

Overview of the Language, Defining Identifiers, What are Constraints and Variables, What is an Encoding Set?, Concept of Separators, Define Primitives, How to make Primitive Conversions?, Various Operators in Java

Using Java Statements

Module Overview, Learn how to write If Statement, Understanding While Statement, Working with Do-while Statement, How to use For Statement?, Using Break Statement, What is Continue Statement, Working with Switch Statement

Using Streams and Built-in class methods

Module Overview, Command line arguments and its use, Input / Output Streams Basics, Working with Math class methods, Understanding String as a Data type & using String Methods, Using StringBuffer class, String vs StringBuffer a comparison

Introduction to Core Classes

General Review, Define Core Class, Concept of Object in Java & its dynamic allocation , Component Visibility Modes, Use of ‘varargs’, ‘format’ and ‘printf’ Methods, Concept of method overloading, use of this, Use of constructors

Composition in Java [HAS-A relation]

Introduction, Define class composition (containership) with an example, Types of containership, Concept of Nested Classes, What are Nested Classes?, Nested Classes Types, Working of an Inner Class, What is a Local Inner Class? , properties of class nesting

Inheritance [IS-A relation] & Interface in Java

Introduction, Define Inheritance with an example, Accessibility concept, Types of Inheritance, using protected members, knowing Method Overriding, use of super keyword, Abstract classes & methods, Final class & methods, Concept of dynamic binding and polymorphism, Defining Interface, Use and Create and Interface, Concept of Extending interfaces, How to implement multiple interfaces?, using instanceof operator, Comparison between interface and abstract classes

Exception Handling

Getting started with exception Handling, Defining an Exception, How to use Constructs to deal with exceptions?, Classification of exceptions, Throw Exceptions, How to create an exception class?, stack Trace analysis, handling exceptions in methods using recursive method call, use of nested try-catch/finally block

Knowing More of Classes

Anonymous Classes& Array objects in java, What is a Static Nested Class

Multi-Threading in Java

What is a Thread?, How to create and start a Thread?, States of a Thread, Thread state transitional methods, Blocking the Execution of a Thread, Concept of Sleep Thread, Understanding the priorities in a thread, Synchronisation in Java Threads, Interaction between threads.

Overview of Java Collections

Introduction to Collection Framework, Preeminent Interfaces, What are Comparable and Comparator?,Concept of Boxing & Unboxing, Working with Lists, Working with Maps, Working with Sets, Working with Queues.

TCP/IP [Socket] Programming in Java

Introduction to Java Sockets & Understanding port configuration ,creating Server / Client side programs, Implementing Sockets in network, Using threads to manage multiple clients, Creating a mini chat application

Mailing in Java

Downloading & adding required jar to Default API, Understanding SMTP, IMAP & POP3 Server host and port, Sending Simple Text Mail, Sending mail with attachment

Reflection in Java

Reflection API, Determining the class object, using newInstance() method, understanding & using javap tool

Overview of File Handling in Java

Introduction to File Handling, creating directory, files, reading and writing into files, listing files and so on.

Understanding JDBC classes & interfaces

Overview of JDBC, Types of JDBC Drivers, Database Fundamentals What is DBMS?, What is RDBMS?, SQL as a language, Types of SQL[se-quel] commands, Java JDBC Programming basics

GUI Programming withAWT &Swing in JAVA

Overview of AWT class hierarchy, AWT Component classification, Working with various Swing GUI Components in Java along with Event handling.

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