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Android App Development

Fees in INR: 8,900/-
Fees in $: 124.63/-

Learn the basics of Android and Java programming, and take the first step on your journey to becoming an Android developer!

Expectations and Goals

This is an Industry oriented course taught by certified experts in android technology. The course assumes you know basics of Java programming beforehand. So far, this lab is updated to android Lollipop, which is more integrated for beginners. The ultimate goal of this training is to learn the Beginning to Advance Concepts of Android development through project creation, programming tools installation, and running an app on a physical or virtual Android device.

Course Syllabus

Core Java Fundamentals

Basic Overview, Classes & Objects revisited, Inheritence, Interface

Android Computing Platform

Introduction to Android Operating System, history of Android, the various versions of Android and their features, the Android Architecture, introduction to app market, Android runtime, the Android Development Environment.

Android component, Layout Design & Event Handling

Learning about the various components of Android, the application lifecycle, Android manifest, the various Android resources, dimension, image and color resources, resource reference syntax, studying Android View and View Group, the concept of Android buttons, check box, and radio button.

Understanding Intents

Introduction to Android intents, the implicit and explicit intents, learning about built-in intent actions, invoking of activity, data passing and learning, sending SMS, Invoke Dialer for making calls, Using Indent Chooser to send mail from configured mail client,Capturing Image/Video , about pending intents.

Using Action Bar , Tool Bar, Up Button & Other Components

An overview of Android Action Bar & Tool Bar, adding logos, changing app title, adding search box, setting parent activity, using seek bar, rating bar, auto complete text view, listview, image view etc


An overview of Android menus, creation and deployment of menus, responding to menus through listeners and options item selected, deploying sub menus, working with context menus, using XML files for menu creation, responding to such menus, XML menu resource file inflating, response to XML-based menu.

Android Services

Understanding how services work in Android, the service life cycle, the types of services like bound and unbounded services, the distinction between them, creation of service in Android, Playing music using services

Broadcast Receiver, Notification& Alerts

Android broadcast receiver, registering the broadcast receiver, deploying Broadcast() method for broadcasting message, broadcast message listening, using manifest file for registering a receiver, understanding Android notification, creation of notification and working with context menu, showing an alert, using alert properties, Using Toast, Using Snack Bar.

Preference Management

Understanding the Android preference management, introduction to preference manager, creation and working with preferences, the most common shared preferences, reading of preference values, saving and retrieving preference using code.

Introduction To SQL & Using SQLite Database

Database Fundamentals, What is DBMS?, What is RDBMS?, SQL Command ,Introduction to SQLite database, understanding how it works in Android, storing internally and externally, database creation using SQL Helper, working with records – creating, updating, reading and deleting records, Using custom adapter to load Data.

Content Provider

Learning about content providers, the concepts, storing data in Android, creation of content provider.

Google Maps

Introduction to Android location framework, integrating Google Maps into application, steps for Google Maps API V2. Geo Coding


Android animation API, Drawable class, Rotation, Fading & Zooming.

Device Connectivity & Working with Sensors

Working with Bluetooth& listing paired devices, Working with WiFi, Sensor API, Motion Sensor, Sensor Values, Semsor Manager class, Sensor class, SensorEvent class, SensorEventListener interface, Compass Acceslerometer& Orientation Sensors, Examples.


Storing PHP script in Web Domain and linking Android App with domain script.


Firebase Authentication & Services, Publishing App, Google Ads


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